Sunday Morning Coffee

I’ve got to get some quality coffee in this house.

Things I’m Enjoying:

Picture Shows & Petticoats with Marisa!


This week I had the pleasure of discussing the latest episode of Outlander with Marisa Mohi. I’ve known Marisa since college when we took all of the writing classes together. Literally, like all of them. You can trust her to be a great podcast guest because 1) she’s an awesome writer (Seriously. Hers were some of the few critiques I knew I could count on and trust in class. Another story for another time.), 2) she’s witty as all get out (see all posts by Marisa on the Lost Ogle for proof), and 3) because she loves Outlander and it’s sort of necessary for this podcast.

It was truly a pleasure because this was THE WEDDING EPISODE and…

have mercy

For real, y’all.

So, if you like the show, go listen to us talk about it. And don’t forget to connect with the podcast. There are a number of ways!