My Read-a-Thon Stack

Remember, Read-a-Thon isn’t about finishing all the books in your stack (though some people do aspire to such heights), but about enjoying the time you can devote to reading. And a massive stack is about having lots of options for any mood that may strike. In my stack this go-round…

(RR) indicates a re-read

Country Matters by Michael Korda — Been on my “to read” shelf for a long time and I want to get to it.
Minotaur by Benjamin Tammuz (RR) — This book is one of my most treasured possessions. When I was in 10th grade I saw the film on TV and the story stuck with me. I had to seek out the novel by Israeli author Benjamin Tammuz. This story means more that I can possibly tell. Putting it in the stack so I can travel back to the point in my life when I first read it, if just for a moment.
Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary (RR) — One of my favorite reads from childhood. It’s there for when I get tuckered out.
Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse (RR) — A verse novel set in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl. It’s a quick and easy read, but poignant.
Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer — Started, but never finished. Hoping to make it all the way through this one.
(not pictured) Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer — Started this already and loving it. I’ll be surprised if I don’t finish this one on Saturday.
(not pictured) Dexter in the Dark by Jeff Lindsay — The next book I have to read in the Dexter series. This will be a quick read.
Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan — There’s a lot of controversy surrounding this as apparently the author stated it was inspired by actual events that happened to her, but when confronted by the Aboriginal people that she wrote about she admitted that the entire thing was made up. Interested to see what it’s all about.
Salt by Isabel Zuber — Been on the TR shelf for over a year now and I’m anxious to get to this story.
Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Paterson (RR) — Long-time favorite of mine. It’s been years since I’ve read this story and if time permits I would like to go through it again.
Linger by Maggie Stiefvater — Clearly, I’m starting with this one. I can’t wait to see what happens next in the series. Hopefully I will make it to Forever before the next Read-a-Thon.
Only Revolutions by Mark Z. Danielewski — When everyone else in my English classes wanted to marry Chuck Klosterman because of Sex, Drugs, & Cocoa Puffs, I was way out in left field pining after this guy. I can’t explain it. It’s weird.
The Complete Poems of E. E. Cummings — My all-time favorite poet. This is a very special book to me, given by a friend. Can’t wait to dive in again.

And if that’s not enough, I may, at some point, pick up Sarum. Again. That behemoth.

I have a handful of books on my Kindle that I have already been reading and will probably finish on Saturday. They include:

The Heart of Memory by Alison Strobel
The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards

I’m ready for Saturday!


Total pages read: 728
Total time spent reading: 382 min
Titles finished: Love That Dog, What My Mother Doesn’t Know, Belle & the Beast (prequel graphic novel I’ve had since 2nd grade 🙂 ), Behind You
Total finished titles: 4
Mini-challenges completed: The intro meme, Six Word Celebration, Show Me the Books, Indie Pride
Prize I’ve won:

This is my Read-A-Thon post. I’ll be updating it throughout the day to keep everything tidy.

8:16AM – I stayed up too late last night (I started early on this thing) reading about my Saxon horde ancestors. And they totally bummed me out. Need some lighter fare this morning! And coffee. Where is my coffee! Oh yeah. I am the only one awake.

9:45AM – Best Read-A-Thon ever, so far? It just may be. Got a couple of light reads done, may hop into something scary since there’s daylight and I know I won’t be able to read anything the least bit creepy with my husband out of the house later today. Now, this girl needs some Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper.

12:32PM – Worst thing about epics: you can’t get attached to characters. THEY DIE.

2:17PM – Second worst thing about epics: UNPLANNED NAPS.

2:34PM – Husband just called from Barnes & Noble. He bought me Linger! It is my prize for finishing this thing strong, so I should probably get to reading Shiver again soon.

4:53PM – Back into Shiver now and making some progress on Sarum. Behind You was good; not sure how it would hold up if I hadn’t read the previous work featuring these characters. It’s lyrical and really isolates some tough issues in a way that might work even if you were unfamiliar with what happened to these characters before this book. I can’t honestly say though, having read If You Come Softly some years ago.

Saving my cheerleading for later in the evening, when it gets tough for a lot of people!

7:00PM – Read-A-Thon is officially over for me. Didn’t get in as many hours as I planned, but it’s been 24 since I started. I guess after a week of being sick I really did need that extra sleep. Ah well.

I finished more books this time than ever. Read more pages. Did more mini-challenges. Hosted my first one as well. I declare this Read-A-Thon a success.

And I will finish Sarum! Huzzah!

Dewey’s Read-A-Thon: Back-in-the-Day Children’s Book Mini-Challenge

Good morning, readers!

Glad you’ve stopped by. Take a minute. Blink a little. Got those eye drops ready? (I DO.) Good. Now, relax that brain a little, we’re going back in time…

Read-A-Thon has taught me a few things. Namely, 2am is NOT always the best time to pick up a historical epic covering a couple millennia, in itty bitty type. It is a good time to pull some beloved children’s books off the shelf. Helps break up the monotony of plain old adult language. They’ve helped me get through some of the longer hours. Can you say 18pt font, anyone?

Green Gables, June 2009

I’m an Anne of Green Gables girl. Nothing can beat that imaginative redhead and her crazy adventures. The Boxcar Children, the Ramona books, and Hank the Cowdog were all childhood favorites of mine as well. As for more current titles, I’m a little rusty. It’s been a long time since I perused the children’s and young adult sections of my local bookstore (hello, Children’s Lit course in college that had a 500 book reading requirement).

What were some of your favorite children’s books when you were younger? Do you have any new favorites now that you’re an adult? Have you included any children’s or YA titles in your Read-A-Thon stack this year? Leave a comment and share!

11:00AM Central Time
Random number drawn — 122

Our winner is…

Kate at Read This Book!

I’ll be contacting you for your information, Kate. Congratulations and thanks to everyone for participating!

Enjoy your reading!

This is a mini-challenge for Dewey’s Read-A-Thon. This challenge will be open for entries (comments) for 3 hours. You must be signed up for Read-A-Thon to be eligible. After time is up, comments will close and a winner will be chosen using Random Integer Generator. The prize for this mini-challenge is a grab bag of Christmas/holiday themed titles by Louisa May Alcott, Mary Higgins Clark, and most likely some other folks as I’m fairly certain I’m going to throw in some other fun stuff for you! U.S. residents only, please.