Listening Lately: Writing Edition

All I’ve been doing lately is writing. I need to sit down and tell you all about it and I will, soon, but for now I thought I’d share the music I listen to when I write. A lot of it has been curated from various Songza playlists or things I’ve stumbled upon on Youtube.

My playlist is usually instrumental because that’s what I find easiest to write to, but if there are lyrics they have to be the sort that don’t distract.

What do you write to?


Leo Kalyan – Fingertips

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My Favorite Songs from Musicals — Part 7

28. On The Street Where You Live — My Fair Lady
I think My Fair Lady is one of the most perfect musicals as far as being full of songs that are fun to sing and capture that “I’ve just fallen in love” feeling. This song is one of them.

27. Once Upon A Dream — Sleeping Beauty
When I was little I would try to get people to dance around the room with me like Aurora and Prince Phillip. Rarely found any takers. Little brothers (mine, at least) didn’t make the best dance partners.

When you watch this one, enjoy the backdrop. I think the background animation in Sleeping Beauty is some of the best ever.

And that song reminds me of this one from Anastasia, so I thought I’d share it as well.

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